World AIDS Day: how to prevent infectious diseases in dentistry

Last 1st December was the World AIDS Day and government and non-governmental organizations, as well as individuals all over the world, have observed this day with education on HIV prevention and control. 
On this day the Sacco hospital in Milan, known as main center for infection diseases in Italy, hosted a conference organized by the SIASO, the Italian Union of dental assistants, during which they talked about HIV and other transmissible diseases in dentistry.
What was repeatedly highlighted by all the speakers (doctors, dental assistants, a lawyer and a psychologist), was that the patients don’t always tell the assistants they are affected by HIV, either because they do not want to be treated differently, or even because they are not aware of being sick. Nevertheless, the aim of the dental practice is to always provide a high standard of hygiene, by constantly sterilizing all instruments and make sure to have observed all the different steps during the instrument reprocessing cycle.


Above all, the assistants need to remember to wear the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), according to the national and European guidelines:
“Appropriate PPE should be worn during decontamination procedures. PPE includes disposable clinical gloves, plastic disposable aprons, face masks, eye protection and adequate footwear.”
Only with these safety measures and by following all the standard procedures during the instrument reprocessing, the risk of infections is reduced to minimum.  

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