On February 15, 2019 the first course "The solution for a VIP Dental practice - Verified Instrument Processing" was held at the W&H headquarter in Brusaporto (Italy). The course dealt with the risk of cross-infections that can be contracted with the handling of contaminated instruments during the sterilization procedures and how to avoid them while improving the organization within a dental clinic.

The aim of the course, organized by Hu-Friedy and W&H, was to provide clinicians and dental assistants with theoretical and practical tips in order to prevent and reduce the risk of contracting cross-infections, thus increasing safety within the clinic. Part of the course also included an in-depth presentation of the procedural set-ups organized and combined with the use of Hu-Friedy IMS tubs and cassettes.


Clinicians and dental assistants from all over the country took part in the course, driven by the curiosity and the need to have answers on how to operate safely and efficiently according to the international best practice models in terms of organization, disinfection and sterilization.

Anna Busia, Senior Product Manager Infection Control at Hu-Friedy, and Christian Stempf, Hygiene Advisor at W&H, conducted the course in depth, explaining each step of the instrument reprocessing, from the chairside to the sterilization room, with a reference to the directives of the latest European guidelines.
The participants expressed great interest in particular towards topics concerning the standardization of the procedures during the reprocessing of the instruments, the set-up of the sterilization area, the personal protection equipment (PPE) and the correct reprocessing of the handpieces, a theme often underestimated. According to the various feedbacks received and the questions asked by the participants, the first course "The solution for a VIP Dental practice" was a success!
Laura Manetti, Country Manager Italy at Hu-Friedy, says: “We are very happy with the success of this course that we have done together with W&H. Hu-Friedy is always focused on clinical trainings and in particular on the delicate theme of infection prevention. Given the interest aroused during the course, surely other educational courses will follow in other regions as well”.