Dr. Oliver Schäfer and Dr. Attila Schäfer

“We have been running this clinic for 28 years now” – say Drs. Schäfer – “a very long time in which we refurnished it more than once, in order to be constantly updated with the new technologies”. 

In this dental clinic, the principle that never fades away is organization: before each treatment, all the necessary instruments were already prepared from drawers, used on the patient and then sorted back after they underwent cleaning and sterilization processes. Nevertheless, the doctors found some delays in this kind of workflow.


“Over time we noticed that every time we had to change the consulting room for a reason, we were not instantly prepared with the needed equipment in the other room. This was a waste of time for everybody” – says Dr. Oliver Schäfer. “This is why we decided to implement the Instrument Management System by Hu-Friedy”.


“In order to do the best implementation for us, we listed all the instruments and materials that we actually use for each treatment” – affirmed Dr. Attila Schäfer. “We decided than to sort out everything that we have not used for a long time.”
Since Drs. Schäfer implemented the Infinity Cassettes by Hu-Friedy, the workflow of the clinic is finally organized and efficient as the doctors wished.


“With the Infinity Cassettes by Hu-Friedy, finally everything is at hand” – say the doctors – “and now it doesn’t matter in which room of the clinic we treat our patients as long as we have the cassettes set-up. We no longer waste time looking for an instrument in the drawers or even the consumables: with the IMS Tubs by Hu-Friedy, we collect everything necessary for a certain procedure and we easily identify the different set-ups thanks to the colour coding of both cassettes and tubs. Since all the consumables are recorded in the tubs, inventory stocking and subsequent reordering have also been simplified.”

Photo Credits: Dr. Oliver Schäfer