When you put your feet in a dental practice studio, you don’t imagine finding such a good balance between the generally cold technology and that home feeling it’s usually easier to perceive in small studios: this is the first impression when you visit Studio Ghezzi, composed by eight highly qualified doctors among which Dr. Carlo Ghezzi, the founder.

When you come to Studio Ghezzi you’re immediately welcomed by a clean and wide reception, with a big wardrobe, a waiting room with a corner supplied with coffees and teas, and a dedicated room where children can play. The patient feels immediately at home.

“We want our patients to feel comfortable when they come for a visit”, he says. “We know sometimes it’s hard for them to be approached by a doctor, this is why we want them to know they can trust us.”

“The concept of this Studio is being always updated with the new technologies, but in a familiar atmosphere. The Hu-Friedy IMS (Instrument Management System) Cassettes represent the best solution in terms of organisation and efficiency, especially if you want to save time”, says Dr. Ghezzi. “Carrying the instruments we need for a procedure all at once means not only less work for us, but also more safety for the staff since the risk of injuries are minimal with all the instruments securely held in the cassettes.”

Every clinic is provided by the best equipment and three monitors with which the doctors usually work: one shows the appointments’ schedule, the other one shows the dental procedure thanks to a microscope provided with a camera, and the last one is a panoramic view of the room. The use of the operating microscope in aesthetic prosthesis comes from the pioneer Dr. Domenico Massironi, Carlo’s estimated colleague.

“He’s a friend and a mentor”, says Carlo. “Together we founded the MEG (Master Educational Group) in 2013, a post-graduate training course center for dentists and dental hygienists. Using a microscope allows us to refine all the micro-invasive procedures.”

To complete the familiar environment that characterises Studio Ghezzi, there’s a large area of the building which is completely dedicated to the staff itself: there is a changing room, the restroom, the kitchen and a meeting room where the doctors can re-watch their procedures on a big screen. The atmosphere is always warm and Carlo is very proud of Studio Ghezzi’s new design.

Photo credits: Dr. Carlo Ghezzi
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