"Partner in Excellence Hu-Friedy" Russian clinics

"Partner In Excellence Hu-Friedy" Russian Clinics

Last September 23rd a special evening was held in Moscow in occasion of the 111th anniversary of Hu-Friedy. The event brought together more than 250 people: the real elite of the dental business in Russia, owners of trading companies, opinion leaders in dental science - doctors of sciences, professors, doctors of the highest level and expertise.

Wanda Obukhanich (Com-Dental), Albina Dontsova (InWhite Medical), Fabio Molinaro (VP Hu-Friedy), Pavel (Hu-Friedy)

At the evening, the commercial director of the Com-Dental group of companies, Wanda Obukhanich, spoke about the main milestones of the formation of Hu-Friedy in the world and the history of the brand in Russia. Guests of the event saw films specially created for the evening about the Instrument Management System (IMS), filmed in the leading dental clinics of Russia Dentblan?and InWhite Medical, the first of which has been using the system for 10 years and can authoritatively share its unique expertise, and the second is just starting its way of work with the IMS System. An interesting surprise for the guests was the public talk of Wanda Obuhanich and the chief doctor and creator of the InWhite Medical clinic Albina Dontsova about the merits, possibilities and practice of using IMS and Hu-Friedy tools, both in the existing and opening InWhite Kids Children's Clinic.

Above in the picture: Dentblanc clinic                                         Above in the picture: Charlie Sculpture clinic
Three Russian clinics - Charlie Sculpture, InWhite Medical, Dentblanc - received from the hands of Vice- President of Hu-Friedy Fabio Molinaro “Partner in Excellence Hu-Friedy” certificates this evening, testifying to the unique and long-standing history of these clinics working with Hu-Friedy, and shared their impressions of the brand. The event, organized by Com-Dental, drew the attention of the Russian dental community to a unique combination of innovation and partnerships, excellent after-sales service and the support of the best industry experts that Hu-Friedy provides all over the world!
What is IMS?

The Instrument Management System (IMS) standardizes and combines the cleaning, storage and organization of dental instruments in a single process and solution. The IMS solution by Hu-Friedy enhanced chairside efficiency and easy training with standardized procedural set-ups, incrementing the productivity and the organization within the dental clinic. The risk of injury and exposure to potentially contaminating pathogens is very low thanks to the IMS system, together with a safer transportation of soiled instruments.


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