Founded in 1974 from their father Giampiero, the dental practice Bormida is now run by doctors Giorgio and Giulia, who are proud to be grown in a family context that inspired them the vocation for a profession that goes back to their grandfather Luigi, born in Genova in 1909.

Their aim is to restore the patient’s self-confidence thanks to a healthy, smiling mouth. For this reason, patients at Studio Bormida are always the priority: starting from the first visit in which they explain their issue, the patients are heard and supported during the whole treatment, and the staff is certain to have achieved their needs and expectations.

A particular attention is given to the children: they are assisted since their first impact with the studio, thanks to a small area dedicated in the waiting room together with training activities about the prevention and the dental care held by the doctors for little patients.

To ensure all of this, at Studio Bormida they seek quality, generally achieved by combining two factors: a constant training and updating of the doctors through courses and conferences, and the use of techniques, materials and equipment that guarantee a continuous improvement.

This is where the collaboration with Hu-Friedy comes into play, when Giorgio and Giulia have decided to restructure their studio and adapt it to new technologies, such as the IMS (Instrument Management System) solution, the thermo-disinfectant and the new generation autoclave that allows traceability of sterilisation of instruments and cassettes.
“When we reorganised everything, we even found 10-year-old tools we weren’t using anymore”, says Giorgio laughing. “It is good to think there’s a certain continuity in the technological evolution of this studio, always kept up with the times.”

Compared to the pouches we were using to collect spared instrument not organised in kits, IMS cassettes allow us to have a better management of time and space: “if earlier we used 40 pouches,” says Giorgio, “we now have only a dozen ones and with sterilisation tests we make every day, it’s definitely easier to label everything fast and in an efficient way by placing a label on the notebook and one on the cassette.

Even the spaces are better organised with IMS Solution: “If everything was packed with spared instruments, we would need more shelves in order to separate the tools in different categories, whereas with IMS cassettes everything is already set up and organised by the color coding system,” adds Giulia. “The investment is definetely rewarded. We adopted the Hu-Friedy system two years ago and our instruments are like new: they have no sign of deterioration, it seems we bought them yesterday.”

Despite the initial reluctance from the staff concerning this change, in short time they felt the substantial improvement achieved thanks to standardised IMS cassettes protocols: “All our team is relieved by the stress of finding a spared tool they need urgently: everything is organised in cassettes and easy to find. Even the sterilisation procedures are optimal: you no longer have to sterilise the instrument individually and the time saving is considerable,” says Giulia.

The sterilisation room has a single entry, from which it can be accessed only with dirty instruments, and an exit from which the assistants come out with clean and sterilised tools: the IMS cycle is a one-way process and you can never go back to the step the preceded it. A separated closet is used as the cassette storage area.

From the visit to Studio Bormida is clear that what drives Giorgio and Giulia’s attention to details is their passion: the patient is the protagonist and deserves the best care with the best tools and protocols in safety.

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