IMS & Infection Educational Programs

IMS & Infection Prevention: from University to dental clinics

Right after the Easter holidays, the students of the first year of Dentistry at the University of Milan returned to class and attended a course about the Instrument Management System and Infection Prevention held by Luca Lolaico, Area Manager at Hu-Friedy for more than 11 years and expert of these topics.

Starting from the video "If the saliva was red" (link here) that shows the high risk of contamination in the dental office, Luca explained in detail the decontamination, cleaning and sterilization procedures that reduce the risk to contract cross-infections, for both the dental team andthe patients, while increasing safety of dental clinics. The Instrument Management System standardizes and combines the cleaning, storage and organization of dental instruments in a single process and solution. The IMS solution by Hu-Friedy enhanced chairside efficiency and easy training with standardised procedural set-ups incrementing the productivity and the organization within the dental clinic. The risk of injury and exposure to potentially contaminating pathogens is very low thanks to the IMS system, together with a safer transportation of soiled instruments.


Professor Francesca De Siena, head of educational activities and teacher of Dental Hygiene at the University of Milan, found it crucial that her students attended a course about the Instrument Management System and Infection Prevention during their first year: in this way, they are prepared for the imminent practical lessons within the dental clinics. Only through standardized protocols and procedures it is possible to guarantee a high standard of safety in dental offices. The teacher particularly cares about this topic, which will be the subject of the exam that her students will take.

Hu-Friedy has always been committed to organizing courses about the Instrument Management System and Infection Prevention throughout Europe, providing materials and videos to support students as well as clinicians who aim to improve and maintain efficiency and safety within their clinics. Hu-Friedy follows the path of a student from the very beginning, continuing to offer its support even when they become professionals. This is why all the services and activities organized by the company aim to always be #HFclosertoyou.