IMS & Infection Educational Program (Saudi Arabia)

Never stop learning: the importance of a constant education

Hu-Friedy provides breakthrough resources to help dental professionals stay on top of infection control standards to protect the safety of their patients and staff and avoid violations that can jeopardize their practices. With this purpose, we constantly organize courses about the Instrument Management System (IMS) and Infection Prevention worldwide and now more than ever, we continue to hold educational trainings especially in Middle East. Last week several trainings have been held, among others, in KAU – King Abdulaziz University (Jeddah), PNU – Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (Riyadh), and Al-Jouf University (Al-Jouf).

Together with the collaboration of AMG Al-Turki Medical Group, our partner in Saudi Arabia since many years, Anna Busia, Senior Product Manager and Educational Development EMEA at Hu-Friedy, provided these educational trainings with hands-on sessions, alongside materials and how-to-do videos, to support professionals, dental assistants and clinicians who care about themes such as Infection Prevention and the correct organization within a dental practice. The main goal in fact, is to learn how to prevent health-care associated infections and injuries and how to develop and manage an effective infection control program that promotes patient and personnel safety, while increasing organization and efficiency.


The Instrument Management System standardizes and combines the cleaning, storage and organization of dental instruments in a single process and solution. The IMS solution by Hu-Friedy enhanced chairside efficiency and easy training with standardised procedural set-ups incrementing the productivity and the organization within the dental clinic. The risk of injury and exposure to potentially contaminating pathogens is very low thanks to the IMS system, together with a safer transportation of soiled instruments.

The interest shown by the participants, especially towards topic concerning the standardization of the procedures during the reprocessing of the instruments, the set-up of the sterilization area and the attention given to the Infection Prevention, underlines that our constant support through educational activities is still effective.
With Professional Education Courses, instructional videos, hands-on opportunities, webinars and additional materials, Hu-Friedy provides the necessary skills and tools to keep professionals, associations and Institutions performing at their best. This is why all the services and activities organized by the company aim to always be #HFclosertoyou.