Improve you practice with the IMS solution

The Instrument Management System (IMS) by Hu-Friedy can have a big impact on your practice. Keeping instruments organized and managing them properly improves the flow of your practice. The sterilization area can run more efficiently, and staff members can remain focused on the patient and providing the best level of care.

The IMS solution keeps instruments organized and protected in cassettes. This allows clinicians to move instruments from chairside to cleaning to sterilization to storage without ever touching the instruments, improving safety and compliance.

Better Safety
  • Sharps injuries are a serious concern. IMS minimizes handling of contaminated instruments to reduce the risk of injury.

More Efficient
  • IMS helps practices streamline reprocessing by eliminating time-consuming steps, such as scrubbing by hand, sorting, and pouching. On average, offices save 5-10 minutes per procedure when they use IMS.

More Organized
  • The sterilization area is oftentimes the smallest space in the practice, with cramped counter-space. With IMS, instruments are reprocessed together, giving staff more room to perform the critical functions.

Protect Instruments
  • When instruments are handled frequently during reprocessing, it’s easier for them to be damaged. IMS protects the integrity of instruments by keeping them safe and secure throughout reprocessing.

Return On Investment
  • Practices that switch to IMS often see an immediate change to their bottom line. With more time throughout the day, they can grow the business by selling additional services and adding new patients to the schedule.

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