From Netherlands discovering the IMS solution

From left: Dr. Sebastiaan Botman, Dr. Ai Lien Oei, Anna Busia (Hu-Friedy), Dr. Fleur Nolte, Dr. Gina Peng, Francesco Merlettini (Hu-Friedy), Silvia Scicchitano (Hu-Friedy)

Some young doctors from Netherlands came to visit the Hu-Friedy office in Milan today and they couldn't choose a better time since the city is very much alive and full of events for the Design week 2019 (Fuorisalone). 

Drs. Fleur Nolte, Gina Peng, Ai Lien Oei and Sebastiaan Botman already knew Hu-Friedy for the wide range of instruments, especially the curettes, but they wanted to know more about the total solution the company offers: the IMS Instrument Management System

After having shared the protocols for a proper Instrument Reprocessing in accordance with the latest National and International Guidelines, all the benefits of using the IMS cassettes system became clearer: up to 10 minutes saved per procedure, longer life of the instruments, better organization in the dental practice, better image in front of the patient and, most of all, a sensibly reduced risk of injuries and exposure to cross-infections for both the doctors and the patients.

During the meeting, some of the latest Hu-Friedy products were presented too: the New Black Line Surgical Collection, The Adhesthetic Theca Kit and The Massironi Kit for Prosthetics

The doctors were fascinated by the Hu-Friedy Showroom and started to look through all the instruments and cassettes displayed. What impressed them the most was the concept placed behind the Instrument Management System in terms of organization, safety and efficiency in the dental practice.


After the visit, they were ready to enjoy their free time in Milan!