Dr. Arnold and his team

The Hu-Friedy’s Instrument Management System (IMS) has brought a substantial improvement to the quality of Dr. Arnold’s work in terms of time, efficiency and safety since when he implemented it in his office four years ago. The IMS, in fact, is conforming to the Swiss Regulation about the infection prevention in dental practice and in his office they don’t have to worry about a possible inspection.

“Having color coded IMS cassettes and containers,” he said, “has streamlined our method, allowing my team to be aware of every single standard and tested procedure so that, at the end of the process, each set up is sterile and ready to be used.”

Despite at the beginning some of his co-workers were hesitant, their attitude changed right after they started implementing the system with cassettes and the containers into their daily routine and eventually they realized how efficient and though timesaving the system is.

“Now they even feel safer when it comes to preventing sharps exposure and love the fact it eliminates instrument hand-scrubbing,” he said.

According to Dr. Arnold, time saving affects not only the running of his office, with a better organization of the administrative duties and other non-procedure activities, but also the patients schedule on a daily basis.

“The IMS solution has helped us to impress existing patients and to attract new ones: they now pay more attention to their surroundings and they feel more comfortable and well-treated by a proficient and well-organized team.”

The investment for IMS is rewarded with new patients, minimized instrument costs with the prevention of instrument damages, and with time and energy saved for Dr. Arnold and his staff.

“Even the new design, which is more practical for the cleaning procedures, provides a more professional appearance. The general improvement of my office after we started using the IMS is tangible.”

Credits: Photo by Bruno Arnold