IMS System after 20 years of good job: Why is it a good investment?

Dr. Carlo Poggio, an Italian prosthodontist whose 20-year clinic is located in the heart of Milan with a splendid view over Duomo cathedral, ensures a high quality of his dental performances thanks to a multidisciplinary dental approach towards patients with complex dental complications. He decided to implement the IMS solution by Hu-Friedy in early 2000s and still benefits from this system.
"At that time the sterilization wasn’t located in the center of the clinic yet, and the assistants wasted a lot of time opening the drawers to look for the right tool for every single procedure" - says Dr. Poggio - "As soon as we implemented the IMS system by Hu-Friedy, the results were immediately tangible: more organization between one procedure and another, more efficiency in the clinic, considerable time saving and improved safety and infection control for both clinicians and patients".
In Studio Poggio, one of the most appreciated aspects by the patients is the attention for the cleaning and sterilization procedures, as well as the presentation at the chairside of Hu-Friedy cassettes still packed, sterilized, organized and set-up by procedure.
"Nowadays there is more information between patients, and this means that they are more perceptive to topics such as cleaning, sterilization and safety" - says Carlo. "Thanks to the IMS solution, we are able to guarantee a high standard of hygiene and safety for our patients by significantly reducing the risk of cross-infections".
The dental assistants in the clinic with different levels of experience, thanks to specific trainings about the importance of infection control and the use of the IMS cassettes, are able to embrace this concept with ease and above all, by using standardized protocols, they are aware of doing their job in a professional manner, guaranteeing the efficiency of Studio Poggio.

History and philosophy of the Dental Clinic Poggio.

Dr. Carlo Poggio was born in Milan and graduated in 1992 in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics at the University of Milan. Since then, he has been practicing in his own Dental Clinic in the heart of Milan, heir of the “Ambrosian Dental Practice” founded in 1960 by his father Dr. Franco Poggio, the first center of infantile and orthodontic dentistry in Italy and the first one to use general anaesthesia. The current clinic, in the new location since 2008, is now run by Carlo who, by the constant research and innovation, ensures a high quality of his dental performances thanks to the use of modern technologies and to a multidisciplinary dental approach. In Studio Dentistico Poggioin fact, the different disciplines of Orthodontics, Implantology, Prosthetics, Periodontology, Endodontics and Restorative are integrated with each other. The purpose is to find the most effective therapy for the most complex situations: this is the philosophy of Carlo Poggio, active member at the three most important dental scientific societies, AIOP (Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry), SIDO (Italian Society of Orthodontics) and SIdP (Italian Society of Periodontology and Implantology).

Dr. Carlo Poggio