Be ready to reopen PART 2


Over the last ten weeks, we have looked at how we can help your practice staying in good shape in order to be prepared for reopen. We focused on education, information, and tools we designed to better face the COVID-19 emergency altogether and how to best respond from a practice perspective. From articles to webinars, the COVID-19 Resource Center has been constantly updated and we are now moving into a new phase, where dental practices are contemplating serving patients once again.
With that in mind, we want to implement the educational content we’ve been providing with specific clinical and fiscal solutions designed to help practices address the challenges they will be facing upon returning.
No doubt there are two big issues Hu-Friedy is in a unique position to help dental practices with, revenue and safety of both patients and staff, and it has never been more important to treat them as indissolubly linked.


Practices need to regain lost revenue, and that starts with driving patient volume. But since everything is connected, patients will be reluctant to come back if they do not feel safe: Hu-Friedy can help you getting patients back in your chair.


There is no doubt that PPE availability is the biggest concern for dental professionals, as there are actions like resetting up waiting rooms, creating new ways for patients to access and leave the practice, and rethinking current processes for operatory turnover, just to name a few. Thanks to the recent acquisition by Cantel and the merger with the Crosstex family of products, Hu-Friedy is now the global leader in infection prevention with the Circle of Protection for patients, staff and instruments and is ready to support you with an unmatched portfolio of PPE and Infection prevention consumables that are essential to everyday practice.
Read the article “How to stay protected and minimize the risk of cross-infections in dental practice?

The revenue-safety connection that brings efficiency and organization

Safety starts with PPE and other immediately visible measures designed to protect patients and staff: now it’s the time to invest in cassette-based sterilization and instrument reprocessing to provide a solid foundation of safety and efficiency for practices and their staff. The Hu-Friedy Instrument Management System (IMS) is a 35-year-old solution, fully compliant with CDC BEST PRACTICE and already implemented by our by dental offices all over the world (read some European testimonials).

  • Efficiency: When practices reopen, patient in-out flow and operatory turnover will require extended time and, of course, time is money. By using IMS System and cassettes organized by procedure, the practice saves up to 10 minutes* per procedure.
* Based on market survey results. Example: 7 minutes saved x 9 procedures = 63 minutes saved 

  • Safety: Something that practices cannot afford right now is sharps injuries. Not only they impact staff availability, but also potentially introduce blood and disease into the practice and 31% of sharp injuries occur while cleaning the instruments*. The IMS System minimize the handling of contaminated instruments, reducing the risk of injuries and exposure to blood borne pathogens.
*2. Younai, F., Murphy, D., Kotelchuck, D. (2001). Occupational Exposures to Blood in a Dental Teaching. Environment: Results of a Ten-Year Surveillance Study

  • Cost Savings: Instruments must be maintained and optimized to ensure there is not a need to replace them, and the IMS protocols prevent corrosion and discoloration (read about Instrument Lubricant Spray ILS). The IMS cassettes are also designed to protect against instrument breakage and extend their useful life: by keeping instruments securely held in proper cleaning position, the risk of dropping and shaving a scaler or scratching the surface of mirror during reprocessing is widely reduced, saving money and avoiding waste.


Although the new reality we are all living might seem intimidating, we need to keep in mind that we have all the resources to face it and restart again, stronger than ever, and despite PPE is critical on so many levels, it will never be able to cover or cloak the human connection that dental professionals have with their patients.

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