Among all the guests who come to Italy to visit the Hu-Friedy Showroom in Milan, there is a group of Russian doctors, Lebedev Irina, Lebedev Timofey, Solovyev Alexander and Solovyeva Elena, who were excited to visit also some Italian dental practices: Lebedev plans to refurnish their clinic, and Solovyev intends to open a new one and both were looking for the best solution. Drs Bormida in the city centre and Dr. Ghezzi only few minutes outside Milan, welcomed our guests in their dental practices and shared the benefits of implementing the IMS (Instrument Management System) solution in their practices. 

Dr. Giulia Bormida and her assistant showed an example of instrument reprocessing cycle: starting from the chairside, they use an enzymatic detergent (Hu-Friedy Enzymax Spray Gel) as a pre-cleaner. Then, the transportation of Hu-Friedy cassette in a safety system toward the sterilization area: here the cleaning with the thermodisinfector, the packaging with bagette, the sterilization and finally the storage.
“With IMS solution it’s impossible to forget doing any step”, says Dr. Bormida. “It’s a standardized process with a perfect organization and workflow that always goes from dirty to clean. Since we implemented it, our job has never been so easy”.
The doctor pointed out the importance of planning everything from the beginning. “In order to have an excellent organization” – she said – “doctors sit down and plan everything in advance. For instance, the two orthodontists have decided together which instruments to put in the Ortho kit and now it’s much easier for them to work efficiently”. With the IMS solution, the time savings and the excellence of the workflow is tangible.

From left: Pavel Borisov (Hu-Friedy), Anna Busia (Hu-Friedy), Silvia Scicchitano (Hu-Friedy), Irina Lebedev, Solovyeva Elena, Solovyev Alexander, Olga Filimonova, Lebedev Timofey.

In Studio Ghezzi the Russian doctors found a different practice, but the Hu-Friedy IMS solution implemented was the same.
“When I switched to Hu-Friedy IMS Cassettes, my first goal was to save time” – said Dr. Ghezzi. “The assistants don’t waste time anymore looking for an instrument when needed because now it’s all set in cassettes and tubs. They can focus more on the patients and help me with the storage of clinical photos and make sure that the dental practice is organized at best”.
He emphasized that the sterilization area needs to be placed in the middle of the dental office, around which everything is set up. “The sterilization room doesn’t need to be huge” – he said – “but strategically disposed and spatially divided for every step of the sterilization process. Following standardized protocols enhances the chance to work efficiently and with the best quality products”.

From left: Pavel Borisov (Hu-Friedy), Olga Filimonova, Solovyev Alexander, Solovyeva Elena, Irina Lebedev, Carlo Ghezzi, Anna Busia (Hu-Friedy), Lebedev Timofey.


With over the 20 years of activity, Dr. Lebedev's Dental Practice is ideally designed to provide dental care at the highest international standards. They focus on diagnosis and treatment of any kind of complexity and prefer an individual approach to each patient. Each clinic is equipped with an x-ray and a microscope. For complex diagnostics, a digital smile design studio, a tomographic computer and a 3D scanner have been installed in the clinic. They work in a friendly atmosphere, with professionalism and time-tested quality.
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The leadership of Laser Stomatology Novadent pays special attention to the education of the team and the training of employees. Each specialist constantly improves its qualification, both national and international, updating not only its theoretical knowledge, but also improving the skills of handling innovative dental equipment, the use of which is widely practiced in the clinic.
The chief of the clinic, Alexander Solovyev, is a surgeon, implantologist, orthopedist and gnathologist and among all he conducts scientific work for the University of Bologna (Italy).
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