Surface Disinfectant


Cleaning and Disinfection are key to maintaining a safe and healthy practice environment, and disinfecting surfaces is frequently performed with staff turning over rooms after each and every patient. There are many options for surface disinfectants, and varying claims and effectiveness can make it hard to know which option is best. Bactryl™ Disinfectant - spray or wipes - will make it easy for dental practices.


Bactryl™ Disinfectant is designed to clean and disinfect surfaces while working extremely fast and effectively to kill a broad spectrum of disease-causing microorganisms in one minute.* With a low-alcohol, fragrance-free formula, Bactryl™ Disinfectant is safe on all hard, non-porous healthcare surfaces, including glass, plastics, stainless steel and vinyl.

* Tested according to requirements and methods for VAH Certification of Chemical Disinfection procedures. VAH Listed. Data on file.

BACTRYL™ DISINFECTANT is available in spray or wipes
  • 500046  Bactryl™ Spray, Bottle of 1000 ml (4 bottles)
  • 500047  Bactryl™ Wipes, Tube with 110 wipes (6 tubes )
Bactryl™ Disinfectant is a professional disinfectant, for surfaces in medical and dental application, matching the required European standards in terms of microbiological efficacy. Class IIb medical device.

Detergent and disinfectant (2-in-1) – one step disinfection
Activity and microbiological properties, according to UNI EN 14885:2019: “Application of European standards for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics”

Fully tested and compliant to most rigid EU standards. bactericidal, yeasticidal, mycobactericidal, virucidal enveloped virus.

Also effective on viruses such as MVA, BVDV, HIV, HBV, and influenza. This makes it top performing in all areas of dental and hospitals.

• Nihil cancer-genic, muta-genic and toxic ingredients
• Safe for operators
• Excellent material compatibility: Gentle and safe for surfaces. Neutral pH, not corrosive, compatible with a wide range of materials.

Very large spectrum of microbiology efficacy:
• Fully compliant to standard EN14885 as surface disinfectant.
• Wipes are compliant to new compulsory EN16615 in clean and dirty conditions.
• Bactericidal (EN13727), fungicidal (EN13624), bactericidalfungicidal (EN13697), virucidal (EN14476), mycobactericidal (EN14348).
VAH – listed disinfectant



With its low-alcohol and no harsh fragrance formula, Bactryl™ Disinfectant - spray or wipes - kills a broad spectrum of disease-causing microorganisms. There are many options for surface disinfectants, and varying claims and effectiveness can make it hard to know which option is best. Bactryl™ Disinfectant will make it easy for dental practices.

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